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    Identifying the Best Countertop for a Kitchen or Bathroom

    When it comes to quartz and granite countertops chicago residents have more choices than ever before. Choosing the perfect countertop for a kitchen or bathroom will always go a long way toward making a space especially appealing and functional. Fortunately, it should normally only be necessary to settle on a few details when shopping for quartz or granite countertops.


    A Few Issues That Need to be Considered When Buying a New Countertop


    Some traditional types of countertops are made from commodity-style materials that can be selected and installed as needed on the spot. Countertops made from either engineered quartz or natural, quarried granite almost always consist of a single piece that needs to accommodate its environment well from the start.


    As such, homeowners will always need to make at least a few decisions before such a countertop can be installed. When it comes to granite and quartz countertops chicago residents will normally have to provide information regarding:


    Thickness. Both granite and quartz are available in a variety of thicknesses, and this will always impact the price and performance of a countertop. Especially thick countertops made from these materials can weigh several times what the lightest ones would, which can be an important consideration in its own right. Whether the supporting structure needs to be reinforced to bear the weight or not, a countertop's thickness will impact its look and functionality significantly.


    Edge. Although it will normally be the horizontal surface of a countertop that attracts the most attention, its edges should not be overlooked. There are quite a few ways of shaping and finishing the edge of a countertop made from either granite or quartz. Clean, sharp edges that stand orthogonal to the work surface tend to be safe choices. On the other hand, a beveled or rounded edge can be superior, in certain circumstances, with regard to both appearance and functionality.


    Pattern. Homeowners almost always pay plenty of attention to the color of countertops they are considering. The natural grain of granite and the artificial patterns found in engineered quartz, though, should be accounted for. That visual detail will always influence the overall character of a new countertop greatly.


    The Perfect Countertop for Any Kitchen or Bathroom


    When shopping for engineered quartz or natural granite countertops, it will always be wise to think about issues like these. That will make it easier to choose a countertop that will suit a given room and home as well as it possibly could.